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The Kititmat Mountain Range is part of the Coast Mountains running the length of western British Columbia. The Coast Mountains are a lower elevation than the Rocky Mountains, and so the forest growth is much higher. The geology of the Kitimat ranges and British Columbia is different from the rest of Canada, significant portions of the land were created as magma rose from the earth's crust but cooled as pockets in the sedimentary layers forming granite and dioritic rocks... LOTS of rocks! The terrain is steep, slippery, and extremely challenging for anything but a mountain goat. It is a goat haven and why this area is world renowned.

Coastal climate ensures high annual precipitation, with the winters bearing heavy snowfall. There is nothing easy about a goat hunt in this area, we expect hunters to come physically and mentally prepared.

Before the hunt, the guide will take his hunters to the local gun range to ensure the gun is preforming adequately after travel. Unless a Packer has been arranged, expect to carry your own gear, plus your share of meat off the mountain. 

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