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Meet  The Outfitters

Logan and Emma Hodson own a bison and horse ranch in Hudsons Hope B.C. where they raise 150 bison and specialize in training rodeo horses. They are stewards of the land in every domain of their lives, their passion for animals, and the outdoors makes them competent and accomplished outfitters. They are committed to sharing their hunting passion with their clientele. Attention to detail, work ethic and selflessness, make them excellent service providers and will ensure that they fulfill their goals of running a world class hunting outfit. 

Logan grew up in Smithers BC, his upbringing was rich in the outdoor lifestyle and he had an early passion for hunting, and everything outdoors. Logan began hunting at a young age alongside his Dad and three brothers. He started his career in the industry as a wrangler in a hunting camp in Northern BC at the age of fifteen years old. This experience had a lasting impression on Logan and his passion only grew bigger. As time went on he worked for a few different outfitters throughout the Yukon and BC and fell completely in love with the lifestyle and the people.

During this time as well, Logan began a career in rodeo. After graduating high school he was accepted into the rodeo program and attended Oklahoma Panhandle State University on a full rodeo scholarship riding bucking horses and obtained a degree in Equine Sciences. His talent and drive in his rodeo career took off from there and since he has dedicated most of his life to his professional rodeo cowboy career. Logan has qualified for the Canadian Finals Rodeo seven times, helped his team to win National Championship at the College National Finals, won the Canadian Finals Rodeo Average in 2010, has won multiple buckles and titles in both Canada and USA, and traveled all around North America for years to rodeos as well as roughstock events. Logan’s career has taken him many places and made him great connections all around the world.

Throughout his rodeo career Logan made time for his first passions: guiding and hunting. He continued to guide in the Northern Yukon for a few outfitters and the occasional hunts in BC, keeping his connections and resources strong. Logan has also done extensive travelling internationally for his own personal hunts. Logan has hunted Nepal for blue sheep, South Africa and Tanzania safaris for plains game and buffalo, New Zealand for tahr and chamois, and recently Kyrgyzstan hunting ibex, just to name a few. As well as lots of local throughout North America.

Always with a focus on guiding and outfitting, Logan received his pilot’s license in 2012 and purchased a 180 Cessna that he used to fly to rodeos and personal use but now for outfitting purposes. During the rodeo and hunting off season, Logan owns a construction company and with his log home building background he has travelled around western Canada building farm buildings, remote cabins and luxury log homes. All these diverse skills help make Logan very resourceful and a great and capable outfitter.

Emma grew up in Kamloops B.C. where her family trained performance horses. She too competed in rodeo throughout her teens but eventually decided to sideline her passion for rodeo to focus her energy on her career as a freestyle skier. In her late teens, Emma sustained a traumatic brain injury, which should have been a career ending injury. She was comatose for 5 days and hospitalized for 6 weeks. Regaining strength and balance took the majority of two years but she did eventually make a successful recovery and return to the competitive ski scene. 

Throughout her 20s, Emma had the privilege of travelling across Europe, South America, New Zealand, Asia and all over the states to ski and compete. Emma qualified for numerous world championships as well as the X-games. After injuring her knee in competition she decided to let it end her ski career and go back to university 

Emma completed her bachelor of science in kinesiology from the University of Calgary. During her time at school she remained active in the ski community and coached a youth freestyle team.  Also at this time Emma went back to her roots and started her own horse training business. Studying by day and breaking colts by night, Emma worked her way through her degree, and earned herself a reputation as a competent horse trainer. 

Upon meeting Logan in 2018, Emma was introduced to the wonderful world of hunting. She quickly discovered that outfitting was her calling. Emma  finds time spent in the mountains, challenging her strength and endurance, learning the habits of wild animals and sharing the thrill of the hunt with their clients, more gratifying than anything she has previously experienced. 

We are thrilled to assist you in reaching your hunting dreams. We are excited to enjoy time spent with you, as well as to take care of every detail to ensure you have the best possible experience hunting with our team,

Logan and Emma Hodson

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